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Birth Certificate Translation Services

We can translate birth certificates from any language to any language. Over 200 languages are supported!

If you were born in a foreign country you may be required to translate your birth certificate to receive an ID card from your country of residence, or to obtain governmental benefits or residency documents. We offer official certified and notarized translations of birth certificates. We can translate a birth certificate from any language to any languages. US Immigration (USCIS) requires a certified translation for foreign birth certificates and other official documents. Our certified translations are provided at affordable rates and they are accepted by USCIS.

You must be sure to obtain a certified birth certificate translation since many institutions, such as universities, the USCIS, employers, will not accept non-certified translations. Our certification complies with US government and USCIS standards and is 100% accepted by these agencies.

We offer high-quality, accurate, and affordable certified birth certificate translations for Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, German, and many other languages. Our main office is located in Los Angeles, but we serve clients around the whole world.

Spanish birth certificate translation – If you have a birth certificate in Spanish we can translate it with a high level of accuracy. Our professional translators are specialized in translating birth certificates from different Spanish speaking countries. If you have a Mexican birth certificate or one from any other country we can translate it accurately and quickly. We can translate in both directions, from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

German birth certificate translation – Our German translators have many years of experience translating birth certificates for USCIS. They always deliver top-quality certified translations, keeping the format consistent with the original. We can translate purchase generic soma from German to English and English to German. Our translations can be notarized too.

French birth certificate translation – If you were born in a country where the official language is French, your birth certificate will be in the French language. We provide certified translation for French birth certificates. Our French linguists are experts in translating from English to French and French into English. They have an impressive experience in the legal field and produce outstanding translations. We translate from both French to English and English to French. Our translators understand the different varieties of French, like Canadian French, African French, and European French.

Chinese birth certificate translation – We offer certified translation services for Chinese birth certificates. Whether your birth certificate is written in Simplified or Traditional characters, we can provide a certified and notarized translation of it.

Russian birth certificate translation – Our Russian translators are highly professional and have an in-depth language translating training. We offer certified translation services for Russian birth certificates obtained from any Russian speaking country. Court-certified translations are available if you’re using the translation in a court of law.

To get your birth certificate translated and certified, you can email or fax it to us, or drop it off at our office. You will get the translation of your birth certificate very fast, it could even be the same day. You can either pick up the original copy of the certified translation with our original signatures, official letterhead, legal stamps, and embossed seals, or you can receive it by postal mail.

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