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Translation Services in Los Angeles and all over the world!

Luxe Translation & Interpretation Services specializes in providing fast and reliable translation and interpretation services in over 200 written and spoken languages in the world. Our team of skilled professionals and our commitment to excellence have made us the number one choice for your translation and interpretation needs.

We offer:

Translation Services:

  • Translation of legal documents: Birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, prenuptial agreements, divorce decrees, legal contracts, supporting pieces of evidence for presentation in court.
  • Translation of academic records: Diplomas, university degrees, transcripts, professional certificates
  • Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents: Immunization or vaccination records, case histories, diagnosis gathered by clinical examination
  • Localization and Globalization services and web site content translation
  • Banking, finance, real estate
  • Translation of Technical manuals, restaurant menus, product ingredients
  • Extremely high quality and fast process involving translation, editing and proofing for all documents, done by top experts who only practice in their own field.

Interpretation Services:

  • In-person or over-the-phone simultaneous translation and interpretation for Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese, and many more languages
  • Available for any type of event, including medical appointments, business meetings, tours, and immigration interview
  • Professional voice-over work, for films or cartoons. Can provide many regional accents
  • Court-certified interpreters for legal and court proceedings
  • Medical interpreters for non-English speaking patients
  • Accompanying interpreters. Will travel to foreign country for business negotiating, meetings and seminars

Transcription Services:

  • Business Transcription: Transcription services for meetings, conferences, and lectures, and interviews
  • Legal Transcription: Court Proceedings, Depositions, Hearings, dictations
  • Medical Transcription: Patient Charts, Diagnosis gathered by clinical examinations and radiology case readings, Emergency Room Reports, Patient Progress Notes, Pre- and Post-surgery notes and reports
  • Extremely accurate and reliable, highly trained and experienced transcriptionists
  • Transcripts can be time-coded at any time intervals (for example: 5 second time intervals or 20 second time intervals)

Subtitling Services:

  • Subtitling services for films, documentaries, and movies.

Apostille Services

  • If you’re taking a translation to a foreign country, they will probably request you to get it translated and apostilled. We can take care of both parts, we can get your document translated, notarized, and apostilled.

Here are the top reasons why everyone chooses us for their translation needs:

  • We are fast – Our speed is unrivaled. Whereas other companies may take up to a week to complete a project, we can complete the same project within one day. Most of the time, we also have rush services available to finish within the same day.
  • We offer high quality service. We have strict quality control processes in place to make sure your translation is of the highest quality possible. Every translator will go through a step-by-step quality assurance process to make sure they are the right fit for your specific project. Furthermore, translators will translate only in their respective fields of specialty. A legal translator will translate legal contracts and employee manuals; a medical translator will translate vaccination records; an engineer will translate product specifications and patents.
  • We have good client reviews and ratings
  • We are available at all times. We answer our phones and emails even late at night and on weekends. Even if you send us an email at 11 pm, there is a high chance that you will hear back within minutes.
  • Our service is more personal – We don’t treat you like a number. We will get to know you as a person and will actually remember you when you call. We’ve had clients who came back 3 or 4 years later and we still remember them.

Our translation services are offered in over 220 languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Farsi, and Portuguese.