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Death Certificate Translation Services

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Death Certificate Translation – Certified and Notarized
A death where to order soma online certificate is a document attesting to the death of an individual. A death may need to be proven in many situations. For example, to transfer property, you may need to prove that the owner died. To leave to country on an emergency basis, you may need to prove that your relative is extremely sick (in which case you would translate medical records or doctor’s notes) or that they have died (in which case you would provide a death certificate)

Many entities including the USCIS will accept a simple certified translation. However, there are also some U.S. entities that require a higher degree of certification. An example that comes to mind is the county recorder’s office which requires a court-certified translation. If you are submitting a death certificate to the country recorder’s office, please make us aware of this so we know what certification to include.

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